Why do you bring your kids to festivals?

As the festival nears, we have been thinking about the special breed of amazing Parents who bring the whole family to such an incredible all-out-party such as High Sierra Music.

So, we went ahead and asked, “why do you bring your kids to festivals” to three of the mothers in the Family Village crew- here is what we got. It’s more than meets the eye.
1.  We used to live in a big city, Seattle, but now we are in a small town in Northern California. I bring the kids to the festival because it’s really cool for them to get to see culture, different people, and people living different lives. Honestly, living in a small town is great, but it can drive me nuts how insulated it can be. Things can feel very cookie-cutter. I want my kids to be exposed to things that are different and be exposed to knowing the options are limitless. They aren’t boxed in by a stuffy community or expectations of others—at a music festival they are totally free to find what makes them joyful.
2. We bring our kids to music festivals so they can learn to love what we love. It is like we are bringing them into our world…. A special place both their father and I treasure. They get to see and feel and be in “our world.” We could never just explain it to them. We bring them and they experience it. At festivals we all, but especially kids, get to be their true selves. More independent, open, more who they really are.
3. Children are just their wild and raw true selves and when they bring that divine energy to music festivals, they inspire the adults! Parents, caregivers and everyone they come into contact with are allowed to do and be the same! They inspire us to be our authentic selves and reconnect with our own play-full spirit and the uninhibited child within all of us. Bringing your children actually creates more of that magic for everyone.
Now you can see again why we say Family Village is the heart of the Festival. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the next few days!


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