Happy Holidays Family Village!

Hello Family Villagers!
These are no doubt wild crazy times~ remember Family is Medicine!  Reach out to your Festival Family too… Let’s stitch together this global family a little tighter. As my Hopi Grandpa, Morgan, often says ‘People are made of water, if you turn anyone away, it is like turning away the clouds. You will have no rain.’  The solstice is the darkest time of the year, and for some, it really can be dark for very good reasons.  How could we light a candle in someone’s world? Just a smile is often enough!

Let’s make it RAIN LOVE!
Remember this is how we create the rainbow-  rain plus sunshine. Both are important.

Some Village Scoop

In October, Tamara of High Sierra Music Fest Supply fame came down with her daughter, Mandy and we went to the Magic Castle. Thank you Professor Merlock! AMAZING!

In November, Jonathan Best returned to Los Angeles, performed a local café, UnUrban and played the Santa Monica Farmers Market, where we created more cards for him to deliver to children across the border. Thank you, Harpreet for being part of the Family Village! Build the Bridges!

Jonathan, and his percussionist, David, returned to the Tijuana Border again and were south of the border when it closed on Thanksgiving Day. Jonathan’s mission and his heart for the Border continues to grow.

Yvette Summers – the World Smile Collector- with Jonathan Best at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.
Keep sending love to families on the border!  Jonathan is on-going with his Building the Bridges tour. We’ll keep you posted! One Family. 

So grateful to Desmond Smith’s unending support. Desmond grew up like a brother to Bob Marley and helped write much of Bob’s music along his side.

When Bob Marley passed so early, Desmond wrote his mother a song and encouraged her to record her own album, a promise she had made to Bob before his death. Cedella Booker did record the song + album,  I am sure many of you have heard it.

Desmond’s currently creating his first full-length album, all self-written. Once again proving to us that age is not a suitable excuse to stop living life to its fullest!  This song, He’s a Rastaman,  is our Gift to you Villagers who made it all the way to the end of our SCOOP!
Enjoy Desmond’s original version- the true spirit of the song will bring a smile and if you’re like me, some tears.

Love you Family! You are beautiful.

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