Who We Are

The Family Village team is made up of natural wellness practitioners, early childhood educators, and artists who share a belief in humanity’s heart.
Our professional backgrounds and experience teaches us that music, arts, culture, and health are all interrelated – we bring it all to the Family Village!
The Family Village can support your Festival’s children spaces and make sure the whole Family is entertained and nurtured.

Our Family Philosophy

  • Families who festival together can change the world
  • Safe spaces for children of all ages.
  • Play is the way to learn, grow, connect, heal, and have a happy family
  • Expression is for everyone- not just the adults- so we provide lots of opportunities to see the budding artistic genius of the little ones
  • Laughter is music too!
  • Hugs are free healthcare- Share them!
  • Creating with your hands is good for the nervous system, brain and heart.
  • Lastly, it takes a Village to raise up the Family
Join the team!
We work with the very best Children and Family Artists and can create something specifically for your event.
Sprouting Entertainment Presents
Family Village.
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