We Create Magic! Family Village lifts up the best of life - Music, Arts and Culture Find Out More Heart of the Festival Relax, dance, and create together We are Family! The Village is for multiple generations to enjoy together. Slide
Family Village began all the way back in ancient times,
when all over the mother earth in the very same instant…
…a dandelion was blown, seeds were spread in all directions by one child’s wish!

Sprouting Entertainment Presents
Family Village

We celebrate the Funky Festival Family of every size and age.

We are about play, laughter, hugs and smiles—dancing barefoot and trying something new. Every adult has a kid inside begging to come to Family Village!
You don’t have to be a parent or a child to visit the Family Village — everyone is welcome!

Who we are:

The Family Village team is made up of natural wellness practitioners, early childhood educators, and artists who share a radical hope in humanity’s heart.

Did You Know?

  • Playing is healthy regardless of age?
  • Children love to play with their parents?
  • It takes a Village to raise a Child joyfully?
  • It’s way more fun to be more fun?
  • Music is a language that brings people together regardless of age, race or religion?
  • Laughter has healing properties for every organ in the body—including the brain?
  • Playing outside is healing to your electric magnetic frequency?
  • It’s super cool to be smart and silly at the same time?
  • Anything goes at the Family Village talent Show?

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