Family Breakfast Re-Union

Family Village, within High Sierra Music Festival, is hosting “Family Breakfast Re-Union”

Saturday July 7th and Sunday July 8th, 2018
9 – 10 am
Come join us for oatmeal, pancakes, and some morning art projects to send love and extend friendship to families being separated at the borders.

Who doesn’t love a free breakfast?

Our Family Breakfast Re-Union will have Oatmeal and Pancakes thanks to Bob’s Red Mill who is a festival sponsor and a company many of us already love at High Sierra. Trader Joe’s and local Quincy farmers will help us with milk, juice and fruit. Simple and sweet, A free Breakfast, what a treat!
As we celebrate and enjoy a fabulous High Sierra weekend, we have not forgotten about those who are suffering. The Family Village is teaming up with Good Samaritan groups and ComMusikey (a non-profit started by Family Village Favorite from years past—Jonathan Best).
We are going to make handmade cards at our Family Breakfast Re-Union… making bridges over breakfast. They will be delivered by hand by Jonathan Best and other artists at the California border of Tijuana, Mexico, while teaching and playing his song—Making Bridges, Not Walls just after our festival.

Many of you may remember Jonathan and his amazing piano playing personality. He, back in the day, toured with the Talking Heads and well, hundreds of other musicians, and is currently home-based in Prescott Arizona. He plans on spending the entire month of July in California sharing his message, and we are happy to help!
It’s estimated that today there are 10,000 kids and parents that have been separated at the borders in the US under the “zero-tolerance” policy of the government administration. There are thousands more just waiting in various stages to find their fate right here on the California border. This is not about politics—or one side of the line vs. the other—about what happened in the past—this is happening now and this is about Family.
Mothers. Fathers. Children. Babies. There is deep trauma that has already been caused. What heals trauma? Simple answer: LOVE. Not that we think the problem or the solution are simple…but that we can start and end with love. Every time.
We feel passionate as “Family Village” to bring love, music and kindness to these Families. Without political affiliation or a soap-box we are about FAMILY.
We want children and families everywhere to be able to sing, dance, play, and develop healthy family bonds just as our families at the festival. 
Family Village also knows that songs speak louder than shouting, and art is our tool to communicate across divides, regardless of age, race, politics. And this is why we support Jonathan Best efforts, as he teaches the song, and changes the environment from tense to united in voice… no one can argue with his smile.
Your donations will go to buying musical instruments and art supplies for children in these “holding camps” and waiting at the border. Jonathan spreads hope and smiles by teaching his song and has a way to get hundreds of Families to sing and play in unison, on both sides of the border.
We cannot sit by and watch. We are one Family here on Mother Earth.
*And Just Coming Together Now —it is our Family Village hope that we will be able to put on a Family Breakfast Re-Union right there at the border with Commusikey, whose mission is to spread music in communities for the power of bringing people together, and with Bob’s Red Mill and others. Your ideas and donations are welcome. More details to come! Everybody’s welcome.
If you have any queries, or ideas about how to help us, please email
If you can’t attend our Breakfast but would like to give directly to Jonathan and his mission on the border this July please see:

Sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill


We work with the very best Children and Family Artists and can create something specifically for your event.
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