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Family Village has unique services offered that multiple generations
can enjoy together.
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Art with Authors
Hosting authors and illustrators of beloved and recently published children’s books to read their stories and teach art classes relevant to the characters and lessons within.

Makers Lab
We work with science teachers and artist to teach us how to make and create anything. This year we will be making floor mats to turn our Arts House into a walking sound garden!

Craft Culture
From basket making to gourd rattle shakers to learning about natural dyes and even Tie Dye we have arts from Native America to Africa to teach us how culture and the Arts go hand in hand.


Family Music comes in Reggae, Funk and Folk styles to name a few. Many late-night name-drawing performers create Family or Kids albums and can hold attention in their “all ages” style as much as any touring gig. In Family Village music is our shared language, and many of our performers invite audience participation.

Sing-a-longs and Music Classes

Our musicians up-close with intimate sing-a-longs and even one-on-one and small group music classes in Ukulele and drum and more.


Parades are a way to clear the past, make ghosts disappear forever, and encourage good luck for years to come for the whole community—as well as incredible exercise.

When the Family Village goes parading it means putting the kids upfront to get all the glory! We utilize all things parade—from drums, tambourines, flags, stilts, whistles and second lines dances and bouncing parasols in rainbow colors. 


Family Village is a place to play, play, play. We use our grassy field to learn new skills in games of all kinds and make new friends thru play. 

Field Games

Traditional games with special twists—from water balloon toss, water slides, potato sack races, hula-hoops, red-rover red-rover and even Ping-Pong competitions—when it comes to play, Family Village is for all! After all, a Family that plays together, gets thru anything together! 

The Family Stage

Hosting many expert artists who curate their performances to bring layered meanings to mesmerize different age groups all at the very same time.

See some of our Family Village performers at www.SproutingEntertainment.com

Family Theater

Storytellers, Puppeteers, Jugglers, Comedians, and Magicians that surprise and delight audiences of all ages make our Family stage educational, surprising and unique.

Talent Show

Hosting old-time Talent Showcase since the very first Family Village. Our Village kids are some of the most naturally talented kids, and we do all we can to support them to Shine and Express all there very best. Sometimes just taking a sweeping bow and getting a round of applause is enough, and sometimes we meet the next headlining act!

Circus Arts

Working with circus performers Family Village offers classes in all kinds of circus fun, from clowning to acrobatic balancing and all the while challenging yourself with new skills and making friends for a lifetime.

Chill Space

Everyone needs a break occasionally, if for a quick nap, or just a restore, our Chill Space has fresh water, a fan, and lots of books, board games and etch-a-sketches to relax and let go.

Family Yoga

All levels of Yoga that can be adjusted according to age, agility, and ability. No need to fear– if your brand new to the world, or just to the world of Yoga this is a great place to rest, restore and renew as a Family or alone. We work with certified Kids Yogi’s.

We work with the very best Children and Family Artists and can create something specifically for your event.
Sprouting Entertainment Presents
Family Village.
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